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Woodland Fall Giveaway 2014

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We’ve teamed up with the lovely Renae Bradley of Benzie Designs to host a Fall Giveaway!!!

Benzie Designs offers quality wool felt in their shop, and we recently were very lucky to be a guest curator! We worked with Renae to create a unique wool felt bundle to represent our shop, and it also coincides with our three woodland patterns. Which is why we decided it would be the perfect time to hold a giveaway!

The giveaway begins today, Monday Oct. 27th, and runs through Thursday Oct. 30th…. with the winners announced on Halloween!!

So onto the most important part:


1 Grand prize winner gets: The “Squishy-Cute Designs” Felt bundle (as shown above and see link), the accompanying floss, and our three woodland PDF patterns: Riley the Red Fox, Rita the Raccoon, and Bailey the Barn Owl!

1 Second place winner gets: All three woodland PDF patterns.

3 Third place winners will get: Their choice of one of our woodland PDF patterns.



To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on THIS blog post, telling us what woodland animal you’d like to see next in our woodland pattern collection! Be sure to double check the email address you enter, because this is how we will get in contact with you if you win! Your email address will not be used for any other purposes than this giveaway.

And please be sure to check out, and like our Facebook page and Benzie Designs’ Facebook page!!


The 5 winners will be chosen at random, using a random number generator.


The giveaway winners will be announced on October 31st, Halloween!! We will make a blog post here, announcing who won, and we will also share this info on Facebook, and we will also be emailing the winners to notify them. If we are unable to contact a winner for some reason, a new winner will be drawn after 7 days.

108 comments on “Woodland Fall Giveaway 2014

  1. Todos vuestros patrones son maravillosos. Quizás me gustaria ver una ardilla o un erizo o tal vez uno de esos graciosos ratoncillos de campo.

  2. While not strictly ‘woodland’ (we in Australia call it the bush) I’d love to see a koala pattern.

  3. I would like to see a beautiful butterfly- it brings good luck and is a symbol of life. What better way to welcome
    all the beautiful woodland babies in the spring. They are so pretty with all their different colors and shapes.
    Your patterns are so cute and wonderful, they just make you smile and brighten your day!

  4. I really like to see the little blue gecko. They are so pretty in our woods in Missouri. I love your little animals they are so close in detail.

  5. I would like to see a fawn. Maybe call her Fern. I live in Black Forest Colorado and deer and baby fawns are always a treat for people to see. I would so make those.

  6. First of all I want to thank you for this opportunity! I absolutely love your work
    and well… I’d like to see a little frog or a salamander in your collection :)

  7. I can’t wait to start on Squishy the Cute Owl!! :) I would love to see a cute brown bear and/or squirrel with a super bushy tail :D

  8. First of all I thought of a field mouse, but now I think a Martin, they have such a sweet little face and the markings and tail would provide the opportunity for great details.

  9. I just did squishy the owl!
    I loved the pattern and the directions were clear and precise!
    Please do a mouse or hedge hog! I cant wait for the next one!
    Thank you!

  10. I love all your creations, but my favorite animal is the wolf. Maybe you can do a cute howling wolf, that would be great. Thank you

  11. I would love to see a deer or rabbit. I made my granddaughter a purse using the cute owl. Now everyone wants one !

  12. Your creations are adorable! A fawn should be next for your Woodland series. Squishy Cute is a wonderful family legacy you have begun. I like the quality, yet durable look of these endearing squishy creations! If you need other critters for a list: Chipmunks and field mice would be fun!
    You really should have kits someday!

  13. I would love to see our national bird–the bald headed eagle. Otherwise an African Safari Group would be fun..including lion, cheeta, elephant and many others. I have finished Harvest, The Thanksgiving Dog and he turned out very cute. I’m just starting Bailey, The Owl. I love doing these and working with felt. I previously have done a few things with felt and your designs are top of the list. Thanks for designing such wonderful things to make.

  14. I think you have the most darling designs. So far my favorite are the fox and the owls. For a new one I think maybe a quail, an eagle or a badger would be fun to make. Thank you for having a super nice giveaway!

  15. I don’t know if a crow counts as a woodland creature but it would be awesome to see a crow. Otherwise I think it would be great to see a hawk, blue jay or squirrel. I am currently making the fox pattern for my friends birthday, LOVE your patterns!

  16. I would love to see a deer or any “snowy” creature like a white wolf. Not woodland but I have a giraffe and llama and flamingo lover here too. Love the Benzie felts! I have quite an addiction to them.

  17. I love all your patterns. My favorites are the dogs and cats. Hope you have some ideas for future ones. Your patterns are so easy to follow. Love the finished product. Once a crafter makes one of your patterns, they want to make them all. More cats and dogs, please!

  18. I love your patterns and your website. I want to make it all. I would love to see a baby zebra. Zebra’s are my favorite animals because no two are exactly alike. I never make two crafts exactly the same. I like everything different just like we are. Thank you for such a great website.

  19. I love the ideas from others but my vote is for a skunk. Bambi was a favorite movie of mine and I have loved Flower the Skunk ever since. Maybe not such a great scent but they have such a cute face!

  20. Please it’s got to be a feldhamster :) you must look them up they just so sweet and the markings on them :) keep up the good work xxx

  21. Good morning

    I love your patterns. And the wool likes amazing. I have your owl pattern , but I dint make it, because I am a tread that I can’t make it so beautiful as you dit. But I love to see a squirrel or a chipmunk. We call them eekhoorn . I think I will also love a badger.

    Good luck with shushing.

  22. You have the cutest designs!!! I love the details in them! I would love to see a sweet fawn, a gray squirrel or a majestic wolf!!! Any of those would be great to add to your collection!!! Even a bunny would be nice, too. I was hoping to come up with something that no one else would think of…..but everyone seems to be choosing the same!! Hmmm……… about a Moose!!! Now that is different!! Just love you and your patterns and giveaways!!!

  23. I think a skunk would be super cute or a squirrel or a chipmunk. All of these so far a so adorable. I think I am going to do the fox next!

  24. I would love to see a hedgehog. With your creativity I know it would be very cute! Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful prize.

  25. There are so many cute woodland animals to choose from. I think I would pick my grandmother”s favorite. As a child I can remember her raising one…..a skunk! (descented of course) Oh how she loved her skunks! Yep! That would have to be my vote.

  26. I love your woodland collection! I think a fawn, hedgehog, or squirrel would be cute additions to the collection. ^_^

    Thank you for hosting a give-away!
    Sarah G

  27. I just love and admire your patterns…and have purchased some! A squirrel or a deer would be a lovely addition to your fall animals. Hope I win! thanks!

  28. I know it’s more “bushland” than “woodland”, but I’d love to see a flying fox – they’re so cute!

  29. Still loving all your stuff! I would love to see a skunk as the next set of patterns. Keep up the great work ladies!

  30. I’m in love with the fox…I just finished him for my daughter. Her room is woodland creature themed. I would love to see a deer or maybe a chipmunk!

  31. I love your designs too and own quite a few of them. I would like a skunk, a moose, and a gnome! Thank you for sharing a wonderful site for felt!

  32. How about a bunny? That would be adorable! I love the fabric and fibers and patterns. And I would LOVE to win!!!

  33. Thanks for the chance to win such cute patterns! I would love to see a baby skunk, they are so cute!

  34. Firstly, Thank you for the adorable Owl pattern! I am new to squishy and just Love your designs! I raise Alpacas and I think a little Alpaca would be cute. I also like the other suggestions,…especially the “homely Opossum”. ^_^

  35. I’m new to crafting and found your site. Awesome!!! I think I would like to see a Hawk or a blue Cerulean Warbler.

  36. I would love to see a fun chipmunk or a cute squirrel. I love your patterns as they are easy to follow and are always so fun.

  37. I love squishy cute… It’s cuuute!! That’s why I’d love your next woodland critter to be a hedgehog!!

  38. Oh such a great bunch of colors and designs!! Woodland animals, I’m always up for a fawn and even a bunch of different wild mushrooms and other scenery for the animals.

  39. Squeeeeee! How exciting! I LOVE your designs and this year started playing a LOT with felt! So many more woodland animals to consider. How’s about a snail, or a woodpecker, a mouse, or perhaps a frog? Bigger animals? Well, let’s see…cougar, bear, lynx. And why not a tree or two to go with them? Especially ones covered in moss and lichen! Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  40. This is a great contest for me!
    My son is in his second year in college! He is an Oregon Beaver!
    So I need a really cute beaver to make for all the relatives!

  41. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Squishy Cute Designs and have also now liked Benzie Designs on FB! I would love love love to win~!!!!

  42. I think all the patterns are adorable, but I would love to see a deer, a weasel and a hedgehog! Thanks for the chance to win this kit.

  43. I love all your patterns! Very creative, I would love to see a bear, deer with antlers, a snow fox, a wolf, a quail that would be nice looking! But definitly the bear, deer,snow fox and the wolf I think those would he easier to create. Lol

  44. Enjoy all your Patterns – I would like to see a chipmunk. I love making all of your patterns. Thank you

  45. I LOVE them ALL!!! What would I like to see next? Well first I thought skunk, then cougar, then squirrel but settled on Wolf. I would love to see your animals on stationary too. You are very talented.

  46. I have loved your patterns, easy to follow and great detail for each pattern. It has been great fun getting back into sewing again. So thank you.
    I would really love to see a beaver or a hedgehog pattern as part of your collection.

  47. These Woodland Patterns are absolutely adorable. I would love to see a bear in a pumpkin outfit. I love the colors for the Fall Woodland giveaway 2014. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  48. Ooooh!!! All of your Patterns are soooo Adorable!! I agree on Hedgie’s, or Squirrel, but maybe a lil’ Possum? :)

  49. I love the details in your patterns. I think the next pattern should be a red squirrel. Would look lovely done in felt! Or, a chipmunk would be cool, too! Thanks so much for sponsoring this generous giveaway. :)

  50. Здравствуйте! Спасибо за Ва интереснейий сайт, чудесными идеями которого мы с учениками пользуемся для изготовления веселых зверят!!! С удовольствием сили бы зайчика и мышку!

  51. I think your patterns are great. I have never seen such great detail to the animals.. I think you should do a hedgehog or a porcupine. I think they would be a great addition to your line of animals.

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