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Valentine’s Day Cat Pattern: Lacey

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Lacey the Valentine Cat

        After what has felt like forever, we finally finished the seventh, and final cat in our Holiday Cat Pattern series! Meet Lacey the Valentine Cat!! We had a few challenges with figuring out the design and colors, but she’s finally finished, and I think we are pretty pleased with how she turned out. And we hope you are too!

valentine sewing pattern

        This of course means that the entire Holiday Cat collection is now available! This is something we’ve been waiting to have for a long time. The Holiday Cat pattern collection can be purchased all at once at a discounted price, rather than buying each pattern individually. We also offer a “Pick any 4” option, that is also slightly discounted. Lacey, and all her friends will be available in our shop here on our website soon, but in the meantime, you can find them for sale over at our Etsy shop.

holiday cat sewing patterns

        So now we are moving on to the Valentine Dog! We hope to complete it very soon, and then our Holiday Dog collection will also be complete! We hope you like how all the kitties turned out!

Thanks for reading!

Kelli & Greta

Our First Blog Post! Introducing Our “Backyard Birds” Ornaments

new sewing patterns

Harold the Hummingbird

        This is our first blog post on our new website, and we are excited to announce Harold the Hummingbird! He is the first in what we plan on being a 12 pattern series! Our Backyard Birds collection will be a set of 12 ornament sized plushies, that will be just perfect for hanging in a window, on the wall, or on the Christmas Tree.

hummingbird sewing pattern

Learn more about the pattern here!

        Just outside of our work area, we have two bird feeders and some potted flowers, and we often get all types of birds visiting us there! Even now, in the dead of winter, we’ve seen a few hummingbirds quickly come and go. So we were inspired to create a backyard bird series, perhaps partially in anticipation for spring when we see even more bird activity!

        The next pattern in this series that we hope to complete will be a nuthatch, one of my personal favorites! Not all of the birds in our series will be ones what we see in our own yard though. There are many, like the cardinal for example, that we don’t see here, but certainly can’t leave out! We’d love to get your input on what you’d like to see in this collection, but so far here is what we are thinking: Hummingbird (of course), nuthatch, chickadee, goldfinch, robin, blue jay, cardinal, western tanager, oriole, waxwing, woodpecker, and blue bird. But this is not set in stone, and we’d love your input if you have any other ideas.

But for now, the next project is to get the Valentine’s Cat and Dog wrapped up, so that’s what you’ll be seeing next!

Until then, happy sewing!