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Our First Doll Pattern: April the Spring Doll!

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April the Spring Doll

        After months of work and trial & error, we have finally completed our very first doll pattern!!! Meet April the Spring Doll!!

doll sewing pattern, felt

Buy the pattern here!

        April is the very first doll we’ve ever made, and she is also the first in what will be a series of four seasonal dolls. This means we will soon be starting the next in this series, the summer doll!!

        We are also excited to announce we are offering a $5 off discount code for April, available now until Friday, May 10th! The code is to be used at Etsy (see link above) and it is: SpringDoll2013
So go check her out now if you want to get in on this great deal!

As for us, we are preparing to be in our very first art show this coming weekend (May 10th – 11th) so we will be busy getting ready for that event! So exciting!! We will be posting photos of this show for you all to see as soon as we can!

Until then, happy sewing!


Work In Progress: April’s Boots

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Our First Doll Pattern: April’s Boots

        In our last post, which was almost a month ago at this point, we gave you a first glimpse of our first doll. We had not yet announced her name, so now we are excited to say “April” is the name of our spring doll!! We’ve been working away on her for what seems like forever! Since this is our first doll, there is a lot of trial and error, which is why progress has been so slow. But we feel like we are starting to make some real headway now!! Just today we finally completed what will be the final boots for April! This may not seem like a big deal, but to us it’s a major breakthrough!! So much so that my mom and I had to celebrate with ice cream! It’s always good to find a reason to eat ice cream right?! So without further ado, here is a sneak peek at April’s boots….


felt doll pattern, rag doll, felt boots

We hope that our next update will come much sooner than this one did. Now that we are finally working on the final doll, we are assuming things will fall into place a lot faster. With any luck, we will actually have the “April” doll pattern completed and in our shop by the end of April, haha!!

Hope you like how it’s looking!

Work In Progress: Spring Doll

Sewing pattern

Our First Doll Pattern: Spring Doll

        We’ve been hard at work on developing our first ever doll pattern! It’s been a long project so far, but I think we’re finally making some major headway. The first doll we are trying to make is a spring-time doll. I am helping out here and there, but for the most part, this is my mom’s project. And she has been really working hard on perfecting the details. Below you can see the progress we’ve made so far. Keep in mind this is only a practice doll, and our first trial run….


rag doll, doll pattern, sewing

        As you can see, her coat and boots look a little crazy!! This is because we always work with our old scraps of cheaper felt when working on any practice design, so we’ve just been using all the random felt pieces that are laying around. I can’t tell you how many different boots my mom has tried before she finally got the look down!! And the same can be said for the coat. She tried at least three different coats before getting it to this point! And so now she’s working on developing the rain hat. So our doll may not look very polished yet, but she’s already come a long way, haha!!

        This will hopefully be the first of many dolls that we design. This doll, being a spring doll, is going to be the first in a four doll set of “Seasons Dolls”. So next we will be working on a summer doll. And we have many more ideas beyond this first seasons series!! We hope you like how she looks so far.

Thanks for reading!

Free Craft Project: Tropical Cupcakes

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Tropical Cupcake Decorating Ideas

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        We’ve just posted a new free craft idea / food idea: Tropical cupcakes!! It’s March, so we may be a little early to start thinking about summer, but can you really ever be too early to think about tropical beaches?! We didn’t so! We actually made these cupcakes for Father’s Day a year or so ago, and gave them to my grandpa! He really enjoyed them and thought they were a cute idea!

        These would also be great for kids to help make. But they would definitely need adult supervision, since it involves cutting the wafer cookies with a knife! But kids could have fun cutting out the printed shapes and help glue or tape them to the sticks.

Well we hope that you will enjoy this idea, for whatever the occasion you might use it for. Check out the full instructions and get the printables here: Tropical Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Free Sewing Pattern: Patriotic Wall Hanging

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Patriotic Wall Hanging

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        It may be a little early in the year still to be thinking about summer and the 4th of July, but why not! If you’re looking forward to warmer days and summer fun, try this patriotic sewing project. It’s an easy little wall hanging that we designed, and we’ve provided the pattern for free! Just click the link below to go to the full page. Hope you enjoy! :)

Check out the full instructions here: Patriotic Wall Hanging

Free Craft Project: Paper Shamrock Centerpiece

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St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece

st patricks day centerpiece

        We’ve just now posted our first FREE craft project! This is our St. Patrick’s Day centerpiece idea; a paper shamrock house plant! It too has been moved over from our old craft website, and will be the first of many free craft project ideas that we will offer on this website. We hope you enjoy!

Check out the full instructions here: Paper Shamrock Centerpiece